How to Paint Nails Neatly

How to Paint Nails Neatly – Step By Step Guide

Most of the girls know how to paint your nails, but do you know How to Paint Nails Neatly? Even if no, don’t worry, as this article will definitely help you out. Flawlessly painted neat nails will not only reveal your mood but also reflect your temperament. Assuredly, there are plenty of nail paint shades available, from which you can choose your favorite ones, according to your outfit.

However, too many options can make your nail paint look messy. So you must know the trick of How to Paint Nails Neatly, to obtain splendidly polished nails at home, even without getting a professional manicure. Readout further to find out the best way to How to Paint Your Nails Step By Step.

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Follow These Basic Steps Before Applying Your Nail Paint.

  • Some essential required items to have in your hand when putting nail paint are:-
  1. Nail polish of your preferred shade
  2. A base coat and fair topcoat
  3. Fingernail clippers
  4. A cuticle trimmer
  5. A file
  6. Cotton swabs
  7. Nail polish remover
  • Prep Your Nails: Before you paint your nails, clean and remove your earlier nail paints. Then, file and trim up your dry nails. Also, make sure to apply Vaseline throughout your nails cuticles.
  • Overall, paint your nails with your favored coloration by using only 2-3 coats, which is the maximum amount.

How to Paint Your Nails Step By Step

Step 1: Apply the First Stroke

Generally, you might put up a thick coat instead of a thin one to rush the process. But don’t do it anyway! Apply a thin first coat so that it dries up faster within 5-10 min. Also, make sure to leave the smallest amount of area around the base and sides of your unpolished nails to make your nails look more detailed and chipless.

Step 2: Check If Your Nail Paint Is Dry

Next, you might crave to touch your nails, to check if they have dried up or not. But, pressing them hard with your hands might result in getting them to smudge. So, instead, you can use another trick to check by touching your painted nails together lightly. Now, if they don’t feel tacky at all, they’re dry and ready for another coat!

Step 3: Apply another coat

Now, apply the second coat to make your nail polish look beautiful rather than gloopy ones! But, also make sure that your additional nail paint coats are thin. Additionally, be careful about that polish doesn’t touch your nail skin. Plus, provide them ample time to air-dry before adding another stroke not to let it smudge or scratch later on.

Step 4: Apply the Top/Last Coat

Applying the top coat on nail polish will make it last for a little longer with better shine and polish. Cover the entire nail polish with top coat first and later swipes the nail paintbrush across the edge of your nail polish. Doing this will help you to seal the end-point, for maintaining the polish there, seeming fine for longer.

Step 5: Clean Up your nail paint

Lastly, clean up any nail polish by soaking a q-tip into nail polish remover. Use the end of your thumbnail to rub off every trace of the nail paint on your skin by applying Vaseline, as it does the step somewhat easier. 

The main idea of getting neat and clean nail paint is to not let it appear on the cuticles by applying Vaseline. Plus, make your nail paint look fine-polished and shiny. So, follow these steps of How to Paint Nails Neatly to have a polish-free cuticle.

Painting Nails Tips and Tricks

How about a few Painting Nails Tips and Tricks, in case if you’re taking a long time to get comfortable while painting your nails? Whether you require some time of self-care or frankly don’t fancy spending money on having your nails professionally done, mastering the manicure at home, will serve you better. Besides giving you pleasure for designing your nails, it can also offer therapeutic advantages. 

So, let’s discuss some of the smart Painting Nails Tips and Tricks to get fitting nail paints.

Beauty Items required for Nail Paint

You’ll need to have specific products and tools to paint your nails, ready on hand. It includes a nail file (for shaping the nails), a buffer (for leveling the nail bed), cuticle oil (for deliberating cuticles), a nail brush (for extracting the oil), and a base and topcoat, according to nail design, you’ve selected.

Tips and Tricks for Applying Nail Paint

1. Shape/Trim your nails

Trim your nails by nail clippers, starting to cut your nails from the side to your way crosswise, so that you don’t break the nail. In the case of long nails, do your at-home manicure with a set of nail clippers. Thus, simply, file your nails, without damaging them. Plus, trim your nails for any excess skin by dipping your hands in a slightly lukewarm water to ease the process.

2. Buff/Polish your nails

Next, you need to polish the nails to form a smooth cover for painting. But for that, you have to glide your nail buffer over each nail for some seconds and perform it back and forth till you feel your nails become smooth. 

3. Take Care of your cuticles and wash it off

Rub your nails cuticle in cuticle oil, with your fingertips, and softly plus firmly, push backward the skin for exposing the nail plate, which will help the nail to seem more elongated. Also, keep your cuticles hydrated every time, using an oil/serum.

Lastly, wash off the oil, using your nail brush or scrub your nails using a cotton swab to ensure your nail paint adheres to your nails either way and doesn’t streak too. 

4. Apply the base

Now, get ready to apply a tiny layer of base coat polish on your nails to assure an even color application. Alongside this, it will limit the nail polish from dyeing your nails. But, make sure to dry your base coat, at least for a min, and then move on to the next step.

5. Apply two additional coats of nail color

Always apply two coats of paints, having a gap of some minutes between each coat to avoid scratches and bubbles. Start applying nail color, from the middle of the nail area to the surfaces in thin, flat coats. Apply your nail paints evenly and consistently.

6. Seal the nail paint with the topcoat

Ultimately, you will have to apply a quality top coat polish on your nails, which will manage to seal your nail color, giving it a shiny look, and also blocking it from splitting or cracking.

Final Words

Overall, maintain your nail paints by lengthening the durability of your manicure, applying the same quality protector regularly. Moreover, for total evenness, exfoliate your fingers, and continue hydrating them repeatedly, ensuring that your manicure remains fresh and keeps your cuticles subtle.

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