What is GuideByTips?

GuideByTips is a platform dedicated to helping people to start and grow their career as a freelancer in the field of their choice so that they can easily get rid of their boring and boss-oriented 9 to 5 jobs.

What we actually do here is that we regularly post useful articles related to various aspects of freelancing. Those easy-to-understand articles on various topics work as a great guide for those who want to become successful freelancers.

Areas We Cover

When it comes to the areas that we cover here at GuideByTips, the list includes the following ones:

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Man Behind GuideByTips

An Experienced Freelancer

Hey everyone, welcome to GuideByTips!! I am Deepak Setia who is a freelancer in blog writing, SEO, and other services with more than 5 years of experience. Freelancing through online platforms (like Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, etc.) and direct freelancing both are the constituents of my entire experience.

I am a Level-2 seller at Fiverr.com (one of the most popular online marketplaces for freelance services). And, I have also successfully completed Fiverr’s popular online course: “Online Freelancing Essentials: be a successful Fiverr seller”. 

Over the last several years, not only have I worked as a freelancer myself but also have hired many other freelancers for the services I have ever been in need of. It has made it easy for me to also think from a client’s perspective and experience what kind of treatment a client actually expects from a freelancer!!

The reason why I started GuideByTips is to make use of my experience (both as a freelancer and as a client) to guide people who are willing to establish their career as a successful freelancer. Here, at GuideByTips, almost all the important aspects of freelancing are very well covered in order to make it easy for everyone to learn all those things!!

– Deepak Setia (Founder)