How to Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly

How to Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly – Step By Step Guide

If you wish to make your lips look flawless, then you must know How to Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly. Assuredly, lip glosses get your lips to look fuller and naturally polished. If applied properly, by choosing the best color according to the occasion, the lip gloss will make your face seem pretty.

However, applying your lip gloss might turn out to be sophisticated sometimes. In that case, if you’re facing difficulty while using lip gloss in a flattering way, then this article might just help you out. So now, let’s go through a few techniques of How to Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly.

Few Basic Steps Before Applying Lip Gloss

  • First, gather all the required touch-up products, like:-
  1. Lip balm
  2. Lip liner
  3. Lip gloss
  4. Lip moisturizer
  5. Facial tissue
  6. Q-tips

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  • Exfoliate: For a lustrous and flawless lip look, exfoliating your lips is a must to remove most of the dead skin cells. A rough, crazed, or chapped lip won’t be appealing at all after you have put on your lip gloss. So, simply apply a slight quantity of petroleum jelly or use a homemade exfoliant. Then, gently scrub using a delicate-bristled toothbrush.
  • Moisturize: Next, use a plain moisturizer to help your lip gloss to last longer. Simply, apply a tiny volume of moisturizer (lip balm, petroleum jelly, etc.) to make your lips look even.
  • Choose the best possible shades of gloss to match and compliment your skin tone and your overall look too. Prefer to use light shades of pink for fair-skinned; mauve, berry or rose shades for medium-skinned; chocolate, red, or plum shades for dark-skinned. 
  • Now, complete your other make-up, before using your lip gloss.

Step By Step Guide for How to Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly

Now if you are done with the basics, you can start applying your lip gloss.

  1. Applying lip balm: Use your lip balm to smooth your lips, and also reduce cracks. Lip balm will make your lips even.
  2. Applying a lip liner: Pick a shade that suits your lips. Dot points very lightly along the outline of your lips to draw a line, using a lip pencil. Then, connect the dots utilizing a lip liner. Also, to give a natural look, blend the lip pencil smoothly, while using the lip gloss.
  3. Applying lip gloss: Choose the preferred shade lip gloss. Start applying it from the middle of the upper lip to one outer corner and vice versa. Repeat this step for your lower lip as well. Then, tap your bottom and top lips together for making it look even. You can likewise use your fingers to dot the gloss over your lips too, in case of any missing colors. Additionally, remember to use a brush to make a thin coat, while applying the lip gloss to avoid spreading it unevenly. 
  4. Blotting your lips: Use a tissue or Q-tips to remove any undesirably clumpy parts of your lips. Plus, using a little dust of powder before blotting will make your lip gloss last longer. 


Complete your final look, using a lip gloss, and get ready to look absolutely stunning! Plus, make sure to choose a branded or safe-quality lip gloss to avoid any harsh chemical reactions that could dehydrate or damage your lips.

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