Best Nail Polish Brands In India

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands In India (2020 Reviews)

For us (Indians), the whole makeup or the whole look is incomplete without nail polish, right? Today there are uncountable nail polish brands available in India. These vary from Rs10 to thousands. But it is quite difficult to choose one nail polish brand which is good in quality and also doesn’t dry out quickly. Because many brands claim that they have the best nail polish and when one buys it, the nail polish dries out quickly and doesn’t give the perfect look. So, in this article, you are going to know about the top 10 best nail polish in India or the best nail polish brands in India. Here, you will find both a matte finish and silk finish nail polish. These brands will give a flawless finish to your nails.

PS: If you want to learn how to apply nail polish perfectly, here is the ultimate guide!

List of Best Nail Polish Brands in India

1) Lakme

Lakme is a very common brand in India. You might have seen its lotions, creams, and lipsticks. But this brand is very famous for its nail polish also. The price of the nail polish of Lakme varies from Rs160 to Rs250. The price variety is because of the quality of the nail polishes. But all the varieties of Lakme nail polish are very good. It can be stored for months and if one stores these nail polishes in the fridge then they can be used for years. Also, they give a smooth finish.

2) Lotus

Lotus is again an Indian drug store brand. This brand has its creams also but it is mainly famous for nail polishes and lipsticks. It has a huge variety of colors. Also, the colors of Lotus nail polishes are very unique like gold mist, mint magic, plum shine, etc. These nail polishes come in a very attractive bottle with a soft applicator. Also, the price of Lotus nail polish is super affordable. Price vary from Rs120 to Rs200.

3) Elle 18

I can say with my personal experience that Elle 18 is the best brand when it comes to lipsticks and nail polishes. They have uncountable shades of nail paints. You can find the shades from bold one to classic ones. Black, white, blue, aqua these nail polishes are available in almost every shade. Also, the brand is super cheap compared to its quality. The nail polish of Elle 18 is just Rs50. One can store the nail polish for a very long period of time.

4) Maybelline

Maybelline always comes with amazing products with amazing results. Its nail polish is one of them. The nail paints are of various shades. The shades vary from glitter to metallic finish colors. This is the main reason that the Maybelline nail polish is better than Elle 18. Because you can also find glitter shades in Maybelline. The nail polish is of both matte finish and silk finish types. One can choose the best shade accordingly. The price range varies from Rs140 to Rs170.

5) Revlon

Revlon is a trustworthy brand for nail polish. The best thing about Revlon is that these nail polishes dry out very quickly after applying on nails. Also one can store them for years. You can also find matte finish shades in Revlon. It is quite expensive but the quality and final result all worth it. You can also find a silk-smooth finish after applying it.

6) Streetwear

Very few of you may be familiar with nail polish of streetwear. But this is one of the best nail polish brands available in India. It has very pretty and beautiful shades of colors like ocean blue and grape shimmer. The best part about streetwear nail paints is it is available in two different quantities like 6ml, 5ml, 8ml. The price also varies with the quantity. Therefore, one can buy a nail polish with less quality and then check whether the streetwear nail polish is good or not. It will not be much expensive. It is available in a wide range of shades.

7) Faces

Faces are one of the best brands of nail polish in India. It is super affordable and also comes in various shades. It is also available in two different quantities. One can choose one accordingly. Faces have also many other things related to nail art like nail stickers. This brand has amazing quality with so much affordable price. It gives a smooth plain look.

8) China glaze

China glaze has 8th rank in the list of best nail polish brands in India. Many of you must be amazed by this rank but it is ranked 8th position in the list because of the price. It may be quite expensive for many customers. But if we talk about its results, it worth the price. One can store these nail paints for many years. Also, only one coat of this nail paint is enough for the perfect look. It is available in many shades.

9) Colorbar

Colorbar is a U.S.A based company. It has a wide range of colors available. One can find colors from a soft shade to the neon one. Also, the products are very affordable and can be easily available in Amazon or any other makeup sites.

10) OPI

One may find this nail polish quite expensive but this is one of the best nail polish brands in India. It dries out very quickly after applying and gives a perfectly flawless finish. Also, it is available in many shades.

The right way to store nail polish

All these brands of nail polish are not of any use if you don’t know how to store them. You should always store your nail polish in refrigerators. Doesn’t matter summers or winters buy, always store them in a dark and cool place. Never expose nail polishes to extreme heat as they may dry out soon. If in any case nail polish dry out then put some nail polish remover in it. It will slightly change the color of nail polish but it can be used again. Do not apply nail polishes under the fan. It will dry out the nail polish soon. All the given brands are of different cost and different shades. So choose one according to your convenience and desires. Keep shopping!

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