How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly? Step By Step Guide!

Do you really want to have salon-quality nails while sitting at home? If, yes then you are at the right place. Besides, giving nails a perfect look without glops, dents, and spills while sitting at your comfortable couch is very easy then doing. But, learning how to apply nail polish perfectly is a skill that is worth mastering not to look good but to save money.

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How To Apply Nail Polish Perfectly?

So, let’s discuss this skill of how to apply nail polish step by step like a professional so that other women or girls will get impressed: –

1) Prepare the nails for nail polish.

How to apply nail polish perfectly is not the game of a child. This means you have to follow various steps. First, remove the old nail polish from the nails, and then trim, file and make them smooth. For this, you need nail clippers, emery board, and a gentle buffer for smoothening.

2) Soak the hands in lukewarm water

After you are done with the first step, take a small bowl, and add warm water and facial cleanser. Now submerge your hands in the water for at least 3 minutes. This will make your cuticles soft and then with the help of cuticle pusher.

Furthermore, moisturize your cuticles and the skin. Now remove the oil and grease from the nails with the help of alcohol.

3) Use tricks to keep your nail polish neat.

Well, various tricks can help you to apply your nail polish correctly. Some of them are applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the nails, and you can also use a thin layer of white school glue around the nails.

4) Apply the base coat

This is the first step in how to apply nail polish perfectly. This is called a base coat that helps protects and strengthens the nails. However, while you take out brush from the nail polish bottle for applying, ensure that you remove excess polish from it. After applying, wait till it gets dried.

5) Apply the first thin coat of your favorite nail color in three strokes

In order to learn the skill, nail polish guides ensure that you apply the first coat in three strokes. Here again, the same technique will go that removes the excess polish from the brush for a neat and clean manicure. Also, ensure that for the next step, you have to dry the first coat.

6) Second coat of nail polish

This second coat is for those whose nail polish is sheer. That means if your nail polish is opaque, then there is no need to apply a second or third coat. However, for the second coat, put the dot in the base of the nail and then pull that dot towards the whole nail.

7) Final coat

After applying all the coats and when they get dry, take a top coat as it will add excellent shine to the nails. But make sure this coat has to be very thin. Now let the fingernails dry.

These are the steps by which you can polish your nails like a pro. On the other hand, make sure you don’t do any of the tasks that involve your hands just after applying nail polish.

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