How to Paint Nails White

How to Paint Nails White – Step By Step Guide For 2020

White nails look very classic. I personally love the white nails and it is a perfect nail paint idea for summers. White nail paints go with almost every outfit. But it is quite difficult to apply white nail paint on your nails properly. Many white nail paints may not give you a plain and thick look and many look very faded. If you are facing the same problem, then don’t worry at all. We will tell you the best way of how to paint your nails white?

Step-1: Choose a good quality white nail paint

It is the most important step of painting your nails white. Always choose a good quality white nail paint. Good quality doesn’t mean it should be expensive but it should be enough pigmented. It must be opaque after almost two coats. And it should be of pure white color.

Step-2: Start with a base coat

Now apply a base coat of nail paint on your nails. Make sure you apply only a single coat without leaving any scratch mark or bubble on your nails. It should be plain and smooth. Let it dry out for some time. If you don’t let it dry then it may leave bubble on the second coat.

Step-3: Apply the second and final coat

Once the first coat is dry out, apply the second one. This time take plenty of nail paint in the brush, then apply it on your nails. This coat is the deciding coat. Therefore make sure you are applying a good amount of nail paint on your nails. Apply on center, left, and then the right side of your nails. Once you are done let it dry for some time.

Step-4: Apply a transparent nail paint over it

Many women and girls skip this step. But trust me this step is as important as applying white nail paint. Applying a transparent nail paint over white nail paint or any other nail paint will give a shine to your final look. Also, it protects the color. The chances of white nail paint being pale yellowish are reduced. It will also protect your nails. Therefore always apply transparent nail paint over any nail paint.

This is the whole procedure of how to paint nails white? If you follow this procedure carefully, you may get the best results. But there are some tips which can save your nail paint being trash. Some of these tips are given below:

  • Always apply nail paint in an upward direction. Start from the root of the nail and end at the tip of the nail. This is the best method of applying nail paints.
  • Do not press the brush against your nails because it may leave some crack to the look of nail paint.
  • Always try to apply two or more coats of nail paints. If nail paint is thin, then apply and if nail paint is pigmented, then apply only two.
  • Make sure you wear a transparent nail paint over your nails.

These are the best tips to make your nails healthy and nail paint lasts longer. Always choose good quality nail paint otherwise your nails may get hurt or damage. Keep shining!

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