How to Use Blush on Face

How to Use Blush on Face – Step By Step

A few strokes of blush can complete your entire look, giving your skin a youthful appearance. But, it might be confusing How to Use Blush on Face as it’s not that easy as a whirl on your cheeks. Using the right blush option in the correct face shape is essential. 

This article might help you out to know How to Use Blush on Face for getting a lovely, long-lasting glow on your face.

How to Use Blush on Face

1) Nail down the basics

Follow the sequence of washing and moisturizing your face first, then apply your foundation, concealer, and next, lastly, your blush. 

2) Select the shade and right blush formula that compliments your skin tone/type

Choose the best colour and specifications to beautify your face.

  • For light-medium skin: Prefer to use a peachy pink shade to present your skin a beautiful radiance. 
  • For golden/olive-medium skin: Use some lukewarm undertones, so that your skin can give you a more radiant, brighter pink looks. 
  • For Darker-medium skin: Consider applying shades of more vivid colors with glowing undertones, to produce a luminous and radiant glow results.

Also, note that powders, creams, and stains are the three types of blushes.

  • For oily skin: In this case, a cheek stain works quite well. Stains seem dewy and long-lasting, yet if you tend to have oil-prone skin type. 
  • For healthy or combination skin: Here, creamy formulas are considered a great choice as it has long staying potential. The creamy blush comes in a variety of shades and is simple to use for most of the skin types.
  • For dry skin: Try to hold to powder formula as it’s excellent to glide over pores for a blurring outcome. But, stains and creams don’t go right for dry skin as it cracks and intensifies the dull look.

3) Choose the fit blush brush

Use the right brush for blush as recommended. Try to avoid smudging on with your fingers. Correctly, use a fluffy brush for powder blushes, and a makeup sponge for blending out any harsh lines.

4) Apply blush as per your face pattern

Blush is intended to strategically intensify your look, i.e., consider your cheekbone structure before applying it.

  • For Oval faces – Firstly, sweep the blush across your cheekbones carefully. Aim to raise the top of your cheekbone by placing the color simply over the cheekbone.
  • For Heart-shaped face type – Apply blush starting from your ear to settling under the outward corner portion of your eyes. Plus, add a slight touch-up towards the middle of your temples, for adjusting the breadth of your forehead part with your jawbone.
  • For Square faces – Apply your blush somewhat beneath the cheekbone, because your width of cheekbones are alike your chin. Also, modify the side corners of your face through blush in the hairline.
  • For Round faces – Mop your blush, starting from the ear to your cheekbone. Plus, do a slight touch-up of your chin and blend it fine for making your face seem longer.
  • For Oblong face types – Apply blush on your cheekbones, mainly under the edge corners of your eyes. Additionally, make sure not to extend the blush below the tipping point of your nose. Blend it well, lastly. 

5) Finish up your overall look

Make sure to blend your blush well so that no harsh lines are prominent. In case of extra product applied, set-up your blush with tissue to absorb it without reducing your radiance. Ultimately, finish your look with a setting spray all over your face. 

These few above-mentioned beauty hacks can help you to apply blush correctly, according to your unique face shape.

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