Arabic Eye Makeup

How to Apply Arabic Eye Makeup – Step By Step Guide

Do you like a dramatic eye look, especially when it seems fascinating and mysterious? Precisely, who doesn’t love an Arabic Eye Makeup, right! Arabic stimulated eye makeup is recognized for its bold, lively colors mixture and glamorous styles. By applying Arabic Eye looks, you can not only opt for a Smokey look but also get to highlight your lovely eye look. Arabic Eye Makeup involves the blending of mostly two colors only. Golden, black, blue, and red is the most used bold colors for an Arabic eye look. Thick eyeliner, along with fake eye-lashes, will add to your beauty too.

However, this article will let you know some tricks for getting an alluring, glamorous look and luscious eye look. So, read out the below Steps to Follow To Create This Stunning Arabic Eye Makeup.

Apply Arabic Eye Makeup – Step By Step

Before we proceed, let’s go through the first few basics steps. 

  • Pick Colors for Arabic Eye Makeup Look

Prefer to choose a vibrant or pearlescent color. Also, apply a highlighter for complementing your skin color. Nevertheless, select a somewhat silvery shade for the fair-medium complexion. Whereas, choose a golden tint, for darker skin tone.

  • Basic Eye Makeup Products Needed For Arabic Eye Style

Make sure to have the essential key products with you. It includes items like Concealer, Primer, Eyeshades (Light pink/purple), Highlighting Shades, Eye Liner (Liquid/Gel), Mascara, and lastly fake eye-lashes if required. 

Now we can move to the main tutorial for doing the bold eye makeup!

Simple Tips to Do Arabic Eye Makeup

  1.  Firstly, apply a branded/good quality foundation or a concealer under your eye, to cover up the dark circles. When done, use a corrector for hiding out all the patchiness and making it look even.
  2. Then, you can apply your chosen eye shadow on the eye with a proper brush. But, note that the golden shade is mostly preferred in this case. Next, you can use dark kohl of a good company, inside your eye.
  3. Now, apply eye shadow using a flat brush, for getting the best results. Use the best shades that could complement and intensify your eye look more. Try using a Rush shade of Lakme. After that, touch-up over your eye with golden glitter to make it look shiny and appealing.
  4. All in all, then you need is to use dark kajal/kohl and eyeliners immensely to get fifty eye Makeup. But, better to do it thickly on each of the upper and lower eye-lash lines with a liquid liner.
  5. Further, get the liner at a point to the outer portion of your eye and then create a winged look, as winged liner helps to obtain a bold Arabic attractive look.
  6. Plus, don’t miss out to apply a layer of mascara properly to your eye-lashes. Also, you can instead use fake eye-lashes.
  7. Lastly, make sure to fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil of the suitable shade. Do it to make it appear darker and dense and finally get a decent Arabic eye-look.


To sum up, use primer followed by a highlighter and then complete your eye base touch-up. Lastly, apply the eyeshades, liners, lashes, and mascara to finish up your Arabic eye-look. Once you’re done with these steps, get dressed up for the party and look flawless. 

Do try these above mentioned Arabic Eye Makeup techniques to ease your task of dressing up quickly. Indeed, you can try out this look even with both Indian and Western attire. However, keep your entire appearance impeccable and let your stunning eye look do the rest of the talking.

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