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5 Best Nail Polish Below 50 Rupees: List of Nail Polish Under 50

Many of you must be amazed by the title. But yes you can find the best nail polish below 50 Rupees. Most people invest a huge amount of money in nail polish which I personally think is a stupidity. Because if you can find the same results under Rs50 nail polish then why not these nail polishes? And nail polishes are meant to change after every week otherwise, it may damage your nails. Therefore, always shop this kind of products wisely. You can find the best quality, as well as best shades under a pocket-friendly budget or I, can say nail polish below 50 Rupees. Below are given the nail polish under 50.

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List of the Best Nail Polish Below 50 Rupees

1) Elle 18 Color Pops

Elle 18 gains the first position because of some reason. These nail polishes can be placed even in the list of the best nail polish of any budget. Elle 18 is known for its nail polish and lipsticks. The nail polishes are very long-lasting and available in different shades. One can find the shades from pastel colors to bold one. Also, it doesn’t leave any harmful effects on your nails. If you are smart enough then you must invest in nail polish of Elle 18 color pops.

2) Just Candy Nail Polish

As its name suggests, it gives a candy finish look. Candy finish means a very smooth and silky finish. It comes in a 6 ml bottle and in black color also. It is very difficult to pick a black nail polish with such a low budget. But you can easily find the black color in just candy nail polish below 50 Rupees. The problem is that it stays maximum for only 4-5 days otherwise it is good to go.

3) Eyetex Dazzler Nail Polish

This nail polish has very beautiful nude shades. Other shades are also available in this brand but it is mainly famous for nude shades. It comes in a 12ml bottle. The nail polish gives a very beautiful shine right after applying it. This is also a very good nail polish under 50.

4) Noy Nail Polish

This brand is very unique for the list of nail polish below 50 Rupees. Because it comes in a set of 12 nail polishes, it means one nail polish will cost you very low. The whole set contains all types of shades from bold one to nude. It is a very good idea for nail polish under 50.

5) Insight Makeup Essential

Insight nail polish is a very affordable drug store brand. It is famous for its nude collection. The insight nail polish can stay on the nails for like 15 days. And one has to remove the nail polish with remover. It is toxic-free and not at all harmful to the nails. This brand has a very good collection of shades. One can say it is one of the best nail polish under 50.

Final Words

These are the best nail polishes below 50 Rupees. All these nail polishes are chemical-free and almost stay for a week. Therefore be smart enough and invest in these products to save your money.

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