Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

5 Essential Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

Wheatish skin is a blessing to girls. It is a color that is less fair and quite brownish but not that much dark. So many foreigners do their makeup in such a way so that their extra fair skin may look like wheatish. But in India, many girls find it a big problem on their wedding day. Because there are so many products available in the market which can make your skin look very fade white. But it can be overcome by using some tips. If you are looking for such bridal makeup tips for wheatish skin, this article is for you.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

Below I have provided the 5 essential bridal makeup tips for wheatish skin:

Tip-1: Foundation

Always apply a primer first before putting any foundation on your skin. Then choose the foundation which perfectly suits your skin tone. Choose three foundations, one with slightly darker than your shade, one with a lighter shade and one which you think can suit your skin tone. Then apply three of the foundations on your jawline. It will help you to choose the most suitable one.

If you still find it difficult to choose the correct foundation, then pick two foundations with one lighter shade and one with a darker shade than your skin. Mix them and apply it to your face. It will work better. Don’t forget to apply for the same product on your neck. If you don’t apply the same foundation on your neck it may look very odd.

Do the same thing with concealer. Choose a high coverage concealer to hide your dark circles and scars in case you have. If you don’t have any scars or dark circles, then still use concealer. It is very important for a perfect flawless bridal look.

Tip-2: Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is the deciding makeup for your whole look. It can make you look like a queen. At the same time, if you don’t apply it properly, then it can also make you look the odd one. Firstly make your brows in a bold way. Bold brows add a perfect glow to your face in case of nude makeup. Nude lehengas and makeup is the new trend. Therefore, if you are going for nude makeup, make your brows bold.

The second tips are eyeshadow. Ask your beauty experts to apply a gold glitter eyeshadow to your lids with wings eyeliner. This tip can do miracles to your whole look. It looks mesmerizing beautiful.

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Tip-3: Blush

Blush is something which is again very important for bridal makeup or even to ordinary makeup also. Use deep plum or coral shades of blush because it gives a warm shade to your look. Avoid buying a blush with shimmery particles. It may look very odd. Because blush and highlighter are both different things and meant to apply in different places. Therefore, they can’t be applied by a single product.

You can also use a contour for contouring your face. Choose a darker shade for contour. It also works as a blush but after contouring, try to add blush according to the look you want for your wedding.

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Tip-4: Lipstick and highlighter

Your whole wedding look is incomplete without lipstick. One must need to apply lipstick even in nude makeup. If you are going for a bright and dark look, then apply plum, burgundy, wine, and berry-like shades to your lips. Because it is a fact that these colors suit the most for wheatish skin. If you are applying a nude makeup, then apply light brown, light pink, light pastel colors lipstick. It will go best with your nude makeup.

Highlighter is a must product for bridal makeup because it adds a glow to your face. Although it is an artificial but glow is glow, doesn’t matter natural or artificial. Try to buy a powder highlighter as it is easy to use and gives the best results. Apply highlighter to your both cheekbones, a little bit on your nose, forehead, and chin.

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Tip-5: Makeup Shades

You can choose the light shades for your lehenga as well as for your makeup. Because it suits the wheatish skin most. Darker color suits to fair girls in most cases. You can go for a light pink color with matte or nude pink makeup. You can also try mauve, silver, light gold, or any pastel colors.

Bottom Line

These are the 5 bridal makeup tips for wheatish skin. Keep in mind all these tips and slay in your wedding. Try to apply these tips one time before the wedding so that you can choose and select the best shade for your wedding day.

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