Lip Gloss vs Lipstick

Lip Gloss vs Lipstick: Difference Between Lip Gloss And Lipstick

Every woman wants to keep their lips pout perfect. When it comes to makeup, two of the essential cosmetic products a woman prefers are lipsticks and lip glosses. Both of these lip products can work wonders on your lips and make them look beautiful and attractive.

But when do you think its best to wear lipstick and when to switch it for a gloss?

Well, this is your choice to make and can depend on your mood. But it’s essential to have a clear idea about which one suits you best and which is ideal for when. And for that, you must understand the difference between lip gloss and lipstick.

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Lip Gloss vs Lipstick

To understand lip gloss vs lipstick, you need to know about the details of the two lip products, which are as follows:

   1.        Finish

How a lip product will reflect light and feel on your lips all depends on its finish. One of the differences between lip gloss and lipstick is that all lip glosses leave a shine on your lips and reflect a lot of light, whereas only certain types of lipsticks will provide you that finish. The others, especially the matte lipsticks, create an utterly shineless effect and do not reflect light.

   2.        Pigmentation

Pigmentation is nothing but the color intensity of the lip products. Understanding this much detail is not only essential to understand lipstick vs lip gloss better but also to find the right shade for yourself. As compared to lipsticks, most lip glosses have less pigmentation. They are either sheer or just add a tint of color to your lips.

   3.        The Look

Another difference between lipstick and lip gloss lies is in the look the two lip products leave on your lips and you. Lipsticks are capable of creating for you almost any look you want. A lip gloss, on the other hand, is all about its shine and can only add a thicker texture and shimmer to your lips.

   4.        Application

The method of application is also an important detail you need to know to understand lipstick vs lip gloss. Some lip products, such as lip glosses and low-pigmented lipsticks, can be applied even without a mirror. Whereas, for the others, a mirror and steady hands are essential, such as the lipsticks having high pigmentation. 

   5.        The Power To Stay On

The power of the lip products to stay on is less than the other cosmetic products. They tend to become faint gradually and then disappear, especially when you eat and drink. But the difference between lipstick and lip gloss is that the later tends to fade away faster than lipsticks. Some lipsticks are even designed to stay on longer.

Now that you know all about the differences of lip gloss vs lipstick hope you will be able to decide what will suit you the best and when. It can be either of them, or it can be both. But no matter what, grab your choice lady and create the perfect look you want!

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