Difference Between Malleability and Ductility Explained in Detail

Are you wondering about the difference between Ductility and Malleability? Both are the mechanical properties of materials. Sound knowledge of these properties is a must for the person dealing with the applications of materials, especially for an engineer.

Now let’s understand the difference between them…

Ductility is the property or ability of a material due to which you can deform it plastically under tension without causing it to break or crack. By virtue of this property, the materials can be stretched into wires.

Malleability is the property of a material due to which you can compress it without fracture. By virtue of this property, materials can be compressed into sheets.

We can also say that ductile materials convert well in wires and the malleable materials convert well in the thin sheets.

Both of these two properties are mainly possessed by metals. The most ductile material is Platinum and the most malleable material is gold.

Below I have explained the points of difference between both of these two mechanical properties of materials in a more detailed and comprehensive way:

Difference Between Malleability and Ductility

  • Malleability is the property by virtue of which a material can be compressed without fracture and on the other hand, Ductility is the property by virtue of which a material can be stretched without fracture.
  • Malleability allows you to apply the compressive force on the material. And, on the other hand, ductility allows you to apply the tensile force on the material.
  • Ductility helps in producing wires and on the other hand Malleability helps in producing thin sheets.
  • You can measure the ductility of a material by measuring the tensile strength and on the other hand, you can measure the malleability by measuring the compressive strength.
  • When there is an increase in temperature, the Malleability of a material increases. On the other hand, Ductility decreases with an increase in temperature.
  • A material having high Malleability may not have high ductility. But on the other hand, if a material has high ductility, most probably it may also have high malleability.

So these are some of the most important points highlighting the difference between Malleability and Ductility. What other difference do you think is there between both of these properties. Share your views in the comments below. If you have any doubt you can ask your query also in the comments below. And, if you think there is another person in your contact who is also searching for the information shared in this article, please share the link of this post with him also.

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