Tensile Test of Mild Steel

Tensile Test of Mild Steel

Mild steel is generally subjected to a variety of tests. Out of those tests, the Tensile Test of Mild Steel test has received a lot of attention. During this test, a flat or a round bar of steel is pulled within the testing machine. The experiment is being conducted until the steel bar breaks.

Before the steel bar is broken, two different points in it are marked. They will be the gauge points. These gauge points are usually at the center of the steel rod. The distance that exists between these two points before the application of load is calculated as well. This distance will be named as the gauge length. The load is equivalent to the gauge length. A specialized instrument named extensometer is used in order to measure the extensions.

The recorded strains, which correspond against the recorded extensions will be calculated. It is done by dividing the stain by the gauge length. In the meantime, the stresses are being calculated by dividing the load by the initial area of cross-section. After taking the measurements, you will be able to see that the actual value of the stress is higher when compared to the nominal stress. That’s because the load is increasing, while the specimen area is decreasing.

The Tensile Test of Mild Steel is a simple one and a person will be able to conduct it at the comfort of the home as well. You just need to hang material from a solid point, which is fixed and hang weights to the other end of it. Then you will need to keep on measuring the changes in length, as you go on adding weights. Along with time, mild steel would increase in its length. This will happen until it comes to a point, where it will break.

With the obtained measurements, you will be able to go ahead and plot a graph. For example, you can see how the amount of weight changes according to the displacement that you can see on the mild steel rod. In addition, you need to keep in mind that the size of the material is in a position to create a strong impact on the weight added. Comparing the two materials will be a challenging experience for you. However, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of how to do an accurate comparison.

There are a few equations, that you will need to use after plotting the graph in order to get to know about the maximum withstandable stress. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful with the measurements that you take. Even a simple mistake that you do with taking the measurements can plot an incorrect graph, which can make you end up with incorrect results. You need to make sure such a thing will not happen to you. Therefore, it is important for you to try out the best of your patience while conducting the Tensile Test of Mild Steel.

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