Difference Between BB Cream and CC Cream

Difference Between BB Cream and CC Cream: BB Cream Vs CC Cream

You know the difference between a beauty blender and a blending brush. But do you know the difference between BB Cream and CC cream? I bet most of you don’t know the difference. Most of you might think that why to know the difference between BB and CC cream? Like why it is a big deal? But just like a beauty blender and a blending brush have different functions, BB and CC creams also have a different function. One may not be able to know the difference from their textures but the difference can be seen after knowing their properties. And it is important to know the BB and CC cream difference because maybe after knowing the difference you realize that you have been using the wrong products whole life. Better late than never, therefore, not wasting any time, let’s move the article.

What is BB cream?

Before knowing the difference between any products you must know about the individual product and what they are meant to be. So basically a BB cream is a blemish balm which is a mixture of both moisturizer and foundation. You can say it is a tint foundation which was first popular in Korea, and today almost the whole world is using it. Have you ever thought of why it is good for daily use?

Most of you must be thinking because it feels light on the skin. But your answer is WRONG. It is good for daily use because it contains lots of skin benefits. It comes with sun protection. Moreover, it controls the shine of your face and keeps your face hydrating. It is infused with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Glycerin, vitamins, a color corrector blemishes, moisturizer, sun protection, and many extracts are present in BB cream. Some factors may vary with the type of cream you are using.

These are the main reasons which make the BB cream fit for daily use. BB creams offer so many health benefits. It is a light coverage foundation with skincare abilities.

What is a CC cream?

CC cream is a color corrector. It covers the redness of the face and dark spots. Now, this is the additional factor of CC cream in the race of BB cream Vs CC cream. CC cream is slightly thicker than BB cream. It means it gives a larger coverage to the face. It is made for the aging skin so that it can cover the wrinkles on daily basis makeup. Not every CC cream offers sun protection, it may vary with the brands. Very few brands of CC cream offer sun protection. It moisturizes the skin but not to a larger extent therefore, controls the excess oil on the skin. However, people with oily skin need to apply a moisturizer before applying a CC cream.

From the above description, we can say that CC cream acts as a light coverage foundation with low skin benefits. It is a must for aging people with wrinkles on their faces. It can hide pimple scars on the face.

I hope you all understand the basic difference between BB cream and CC cream. But it is also very important to know the technique of using both the creams. Of course, it is a fact that if you don’t know the technique of applying any product, then even an expensive one can’t help you out. 

How to use BB cream and CC cream correctly?

Let’s talk about the BB cream first. Firstly apply your moisturizer or suns cream on the face. Now prime your skin. You can see the difference if, on one side, you apply primer before BB cream and on the other side, you don’t. Applying a primer gives you a smooth and flawless look. Since BB cream is of low coverage therefore, you can use aloe vera gel or any other gel as a primer. Now apply BB cream in dots or patches to your face. Don’t forget to use it on the neck also. Now take a beauty blender and start dabbing your skin slowly- slowly.

You can also use your fingers to do this. Nothing can be much better than blending with fingers. But make sure you have washed your hand properly because if you don’t, all the bacteria of your hands may settle on your face, which can cause acne problems. After you apply BB cream on your skin, do a very light makeup. If you apply very heavy makeup on the BB cream, it may look very odd.

The same procedure applies to the CC cream but you need to take care of small things because CC cream is slightly thicker. Always prime your face properly and use a moisturizer before applying CC cream. You can also do slightly heavy makeup after using the CC cream as it gives good coverage.

Use Best BB and CC creams according to the skin

Before you buy any BB and CC cream, it is very important to know your skin type first. Make sure you don’t have acne-prone skin, because applying such products may threaten your skin more. Therefore research your skin and then choose the best BB and CC creams accordingly. Also now as you know the basic difference between BB Cream and CC cream exactly, make sure you choose the right one.

Keeping in mind the difference between BB and CC cream, you can also buy both if you don’t like foundation. You can use CC cream for parties and events and a BB cream for daily makeup. By doing this you can finish the race of BB cream Vs CC cream.

Both the creams have their benefits. If BB cream gives skin benefits then CC cream gives good coverage. Now it’s up to you which one will be your first preference after reading the whole article. Always keep in mind that you have to choose the best BB and CC creams which can suit your skin.

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