SEO Keyword Research-My Ultimate Guide

SEO Keyword Research

Before proceeding with On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, The first step of Search Engine Optimization is to find out the Keyword for which you want your page or post to be ranked in Search Engine. This very first step is called SEO Keyword Research. The Keyword for which you want to get your page to be ranked in search engines is called Target Keyword. This is also called Focus Keyword.

Note:- Keyword is nothing but a single word or a phrase composed of a number of words (maybe 2-3 or more).

The process of finding out the best suitable Target Keyword for your webpage is called Keyword Research.

Now the point is how we can do this research? How to find out the best keyword to target for out page content.

How to Do SEO Keyword Research?

There are many basic and advanced keyword research tools available online. Some of them are paid and the rest are free.

Google itself has provided a free tool for doing keyword research and analysis. That tool is named as “Keyword Planner” available at Google Adwords website. This is highly recommended and highly used seo keyword research tool. By using this tool, you can get hundreds of Keyword Ideas for your content’s niche and also get average monthly search volume for each of them. This helps in deciding which Keyword to target. This tool also tells about the competition for any particular Keyword along with the average monthly search volume for the last 12 months.

I always recommend selecting a Long-tail Keyword with low competition and sufficient average monthly search volume (minimum 500-600).

You should also find out at least 2-3 LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords to be used in your content.

Note:- LSI Keywords are closely related Keywords with the main Target Keyword.

How to Find Out LSI Keywords?

To find out LSI Keywords, you just have to enter the Target Keyword in Google search box and press enter. On scrolling down to the bottom of the search result page, you will find some related keywords suggested and recommended by Google itself.

Target Keyword and LSI Keywords both are used in the content with an appropriate standard ratio.

Thus, your SEO Keyword Research will be complete after successful collection of suitable Target Keyword and some LSI Keywords.

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