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How To Dress Well: Men’s Dressing Guide

A man’s sense of style is his way of speaking loud and clear about himself even before uttering a word. So something so impactful must be taken care of with the utmost importance.

However, when it comes to men’s dressing guide, we all know it’s a little more complicated than women’s. A man’s dressing must make him look stylish, confident, and yet simple at the same time. Now, you may not realize, but there are many possibilities of things going wrong.

So, how to dress well or should we say how to dress men? Here’s a concise yet helpful guide to make you stand out in the crowd.

Dress Code (Dresses for Men)

Whether you like it or not, you cannot wear the same blue jeans and a T-shirt on all your occasions. It is vital to dress according to the event at hand. Here are the right dress styles according to occasions.

  • If you are attending a formal event like a wedding, graduation, or a business meeting, follow the dress code if there is any. If not, then a well-fitted suit with a formal shirt and complementing tie will do a miraculous job, making you look smart and stylish at the same time. For example, a dark suit with a white or light-colored shirt and dark or contrasting tie (classic style) can make you shine at any formal event. Men in dresses look simply stunning.
  • On the other hand, informal events demand a person to come more relaxed. So opt for something comfortable but trendy. Avoid baggy and fully embellished jeans as less is more for a man. Choose fitted jeans that make you look fit and handsome with slim-fit polo or t-shirt.
  • Chinos are in the spotlight for modern casual workplaces, with khaki dress pants and light blue shirt combo getting out of style. Go for burgundy or army green chinos to spice up your office and semi-formal looks.

Stylish Footwear

A man has been judged by his choice of shoes for ages. Your sand-touched worn-out sneakers may make you feel comfy and look rugged in the field, but they won’t do you any justice on any other occasion.

So investing in a few good pairs of leather shoes that would go for all occasions will be the best decision you make. They will go with suits and chinos at formal, semi-formal, business casual, and informal events, making you look composed and stylish from head to toe. Our male fashion advice is to go for classic styles such as brogues and loafers.

If you can, add some casual boots to your wardrobe. They are also comfortable like sneakers and can do best for casual looks as well.

Watch Your Gaze

Watches make you look mature, polish your outfit, and make your personality shine more. Now, quality watches are not cheap, so make sure you opt for classic style and invest in functional, aesthetic, and rugged sports models as they go with anything, including everyday wear.

Don’t forget to get one that fits your wrist nicely and is comfortable to wear.

How To Dress Well Men: Additional Tips

  • Be confident in whatever you wear and experiment with your style. Don’t stick with your classic black and white instead, play with colors.
  • Fill your wardrobe with quality things instead of piling over things that are hard to match with other items.
  • Keep accessorizing to a minimum. It is best to harmonize ties and pocket squares with what you’re wearing by choosing a color or two. Wearing your pocket square or tie in a darker shade than your jacket is another good tip.
  • Last but not least, instead of running after changing fashion trends, stay classic because you could not change your wardrobe after every month.

So, now you know how to dress well.

A book is always judged by its cover, so make your cover presentable and appealing with the men’s dressing guide we have shared, and you will see how your personality shines through every event you attend. After all, a well-dressed man is preferred by all, ladies, business, and friends.

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