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Difference Between Deo and Perfume: Deodorant vs Perfume

Most people don’t know the difference between Deo and perfume. Are you also one of them? If yes, then let us tell you there are many major differences between deodorants and perfume. Their properties are completely different from each other. Even their uses are also different. In this article, we are going to tell you about the major difference between perfume and Deo. You must read these differences otherwise you may regret buying the wrong bottle for yourself.

Deodorant vs Perfume

  • Uses

 The first difference between a perfume and a Deodorant is its use. You can spray perfume on your body as well as on dress. It gives a very nice fragrance. On the other hand, if we talk about the use of Deodorant then it can be sprayed only on your body. Deodorant helps to lock the body odor to a larger extent. On the other hand, perfume gives only a nice fragrance.  15 to 20% of fragrance oils are present in perfume while only 2-3% fragrance oil is present in deodorant.

  • Price

 There is a major difference in price between perfume and deodorant. The price of perfume is quite high as compared to the deodorant. Perfume can be used only on special occasions because it comes under luxury items. On the other hand, deodorants can be used on a daily basis because it is much cheaper than a perfume. The packing of perfumes is also very luxurious. It comes in a very luxurious glass bottle. On the other hand, Deodorant comes in aluminum and tin bottle.

  • Lasting

 This is also a major Deo and perfume difference. Perfume always comes in small bottles with small quantities. But a small bottle of perfume can last up to two to three months. This is because the fragrance of the perfume is very long-lasting. The fragrance of perfumes lasts up to 12 hours a day. On the other hand, the Deodorant can last for only 3 to 4 hours. 150 to  200 ml bottle of Deodorant can last only for one month.

  • Control on sweat

 Control on sweat is also a major deodorant and perfume difference. Deodorants are specially made to control the Sweat of our body as it contains more anti-bacterial properties. It prevents the bacteria of our body to mix with the Sweat and produce less odor. If we talk about perfume then it cannot control the body odor to a larger extent. Perfume is only made to give a nice fragrance from your body. But it doesn’t have major control over the prevention of sweat.

Final Words

 The major perfume and Deodorant difference are given above. You can read all the differences and then check which among the perfume and Deodorant suits to your body. If you just want a nice fragrance to your body then you must go for perfume. But if you want to control the odor of your body then you should go for deodorant. It also depends on your budget that which one you chose. Perfume is almost double the price of deodorants. But they can last for 12 hours. Uses are also a major difference between Deo and perfume. I hope you have found this article helpful.

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