Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners: Explained in Simple Way

Affiliate Marketing

Hello friends, in this article, I am going to discuss Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the best online earning method. Experienced affiliate marketers earn thousands of dollars daily. Let us understand this concept in a simple way.

Affiliate Marketing Meaning

In Affiliate Marketing, we promote the product of a company through our blog/website and company pays commission to us for this.

There are many companies which use affiliate marketing to sell their products or services. If you have a blog or website on which you have a good number of visitors, you can earn a good income by this. The companies provide you a link or banner for the products or services to promote. And you have to place that link or banner at the places on your blog where most of the visitors on your blog/website may see it and click on it. When someone clicks on that link or banner, he lands at the company’s website. If the visitor purchases any product or service from there, he receives a commission for that. The commission is a predetermined percentage of the sales value.

Common Terms Related to Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate

Affiliates are the general people like you and me who earn money by promoting the products of affiliate marketing companies using affiliate programs.

  • Affiliate Program

Many online companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Cj, Clickbank etc. offer the affiliate program for the promotion of their products/services.

  • Affiliate Link

An affiliate link is actually a tracking link provided to an Affiliate when he joins an affiliate program. By using this link, a company determines through whose link a particular unit of product/service has been sold so that the commission can be awarded to the deserved Affiliate.

  • Affiliate ID

Some companies provide Affiliate ID in place of the Affiliate link. It is just like Affiliate link which an affiliate use for the promotion of product or service.

  • Payment Mode

The methods through which Affiliate companies pay commission to their Affiliates is called Payment Mode. Generally, companies pay through Cheque, wire transfer, Paypal etc.

  • Commission Percentage

The percentage of the sale value paid to an affiliate by a company on each sale made by him through his promotion is called Commission Percentage. Different companies pay different commission percentage on different products and services.

Some Recommended Affiliate Programmes

Amazon is an e-commerce site. You can use this site for shopping purposes. You can purchase all kinds of products from this site. Amazon also provides affiliate program. One can earn up to 15% commission from affiliate products on this site

Flipkart is also a shopping site just like Amazon where you can purchase all kinds of products. You can earn 5-15% of commission if you promote affiliate products of Flipkart. and Commission Junction( are the popular websites which provide affiliate programs for digital products.

I hope this simple article has made the basic idea clear about Affiliate Marketing. If you have any doubt or any question, you can put that in the comment box.


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