Sheet Metal Tools List

Sheet Metal Tools List (With Description and Images)

If you are looking for an ultimate list of sheet metal tools, then you have landed on the right page. Working on the sheet metal, several sheet metal hand tools are used. Some of the most important hand tools used in sheet metal fabrications are listed below.

Sheet Metal Tools List

Steel Rule: It is a very important tool used in the sheet metal fabrication process.

steel rule

It is mainly used for measurement purposes.

Snips: Snips are the hand tools used to cut sheet metal. They are of two types: Straight Snips and Aviation Snips. Both are explained below:

left and right snips - Sheet Metal Tools List

  1. Straight Snips: These are used to cut sheet metal in a straight direction. They have straight blades for cutting.
  2. Aviation Snips: Aviation Snips are mainly used for cutting sheet metal in a circular form or curved direction. They have curved shaped blades for cutting. The aviation snip for cutting a curve in the left direction is different from the snip for cutting a curve in the right direction. They are distinguished by their colors. The green-colored handle is possessed by the right directional aviation snip. And, on the other hand, the aviation snip which curve left has got a red-colored handle.

Scriber: It is a type of marking tool used to scribe lines on the sheet metal surface. Scriber is made up of a steel wire which has one sharp end.

Burring Tool: It is a tool used to remove the burr from holes and edges of the sheet metal.

Half Round Stake: It is a pressing tool. It is used for pressing seam joint.

Hand Stake: It is also used for the purpose of pressing. Where there is a need for pressing inner sides of straight joints, there it plays its role.

Divider: Whenever there is a need for scribing curved or circular profile/line, divider plays this important role.

Trammel Points: It is used when there is a need for scribing/drawing large arcs or circles. Where there the divider becomes useless, there the Trammel Points come into play.

Grooving Stake: It is a tool used for creating grooves of various sizes in sheet metal sheets.

Files: File is also a type of cutting tool which is used to remove extra material by abrasion.

Centre Punch: It is used for marking points. For example, if you want to mark the center point of a hole to be drilled, you can mark that by using Centre Punch. So it also belongs to the category of marking tools in sheet metal fabrication.

centre punch - List of Sheet Metal Tools

Its sharp end has an angle of 90 degrees.

Prick Punch: This is also a marking tool used for marking the center position for dividers.

prick punch

Its sharp end has an angle of 30 degrees.

Mallet: Mallet is something like a hammer but used for putting light force. It is made up of wood or plastic. Mallet does not destroy the surface of the sheet but provides just a smooth and polite effect.

Ball Pean Hammer: It is a type of hammer that has a curved face and a round head. It is used for hammering sheet metal for shaping it.

Raising Hammer: It is also a type of hammer used for forming a curved shaped sheet from a flat sheet.

Riveting Hammer: It is used for riveting sheets.

Taper Stake: It is used in tapered jobs for rounding purposes.

So that’ all in Sheet Metal Tools List. I hope you have read the list thoroughly. If you have any doubt, you can ask that in the comments below. I will be happy to assist you.

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