Find Printer On Network Windows 10

How To Find Printer On Network (Windows 10)?

Have you ever faced a situation in which you are searching for a printer but it is not being displayed in your list of available printers? If yes, this article is going to help you handle such situations so that you may be able to find printer on network (Windows 10).

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Why You Are Not Able To Find Printer On Network (Windows 10)?

When it comes to the most common reasons for not being able to find a printer on the network, they are as follows:

  • The connection between printer and network is not ok.
  • You have not added the printer to the homegroup.
  • There is a need for updating.
  • Windows settings are disabled.

Methods to Fix The Issue

Now that you are aware of the reasons causing the issue of not being able to find printer on network (Windows 10), you ready to go ahead to learn the ways to fix the issue. You can try the things mentioned below so as to be able to finally end up fixing the issue:

Method–1: Restarting Windows & Printer

On one side, you should reboot your Windows and on the other side, you should restart the printer as well. Restarting both of them may fix the connection issues of odd kinds.

Method–2: Restarting Modem & Router

You should also restart your modem and router to check if it fixes the issue. Some simple types of connectivity issues in the network can be resolved by this method.

Method-3: Updating Windows

If there is available any update for your Windows, don’t think twice before going ahead to download & install it. During the process of installing updates, you may be asked to restart Windows. Once you have finally updated, check if the issue is fixed.

Method–4: Updating Printer Firmware

Find out if there is available a newer version of your printer firmware. If the newer version is found, download and install it to update your device.

Method-5: Updating The Router’s Firmware

You can go to your browser and enter the network address of the router in order to access its network administration page. There you can try to update the router’s firmware. This method helps in fixing various kinds of connection issues. Check if it has worked in your case.

Method-6: Updating Printer Driver

Almost all printer manufacturers provide the drivers for their printers on their official sites. There are times when new updates for the drivers are available on these websites. If it is so, don’t think twice to download and install the updates. Such updates are generally released to improve performance or fix the prevailing issues. After updating the driver, you should check if this method worked or not.

Method-7: Assigning Static IP Address To Printer

Another thing that you can try to fix the issue is to configure the router so that the printer can be assigned a static IP address. That’s because if the printer possesses a dynamic IP address, the IP address may change every time you restart the printer. And, on the other hand, the address will be static if you have assigned a static IP address to the printer. Thus you can find it at a specific known address.

Method-8: Connect to Wi-Fi

In this method, you will need to go to your home network. Once you are there, you should connect to the Wi-Fi network. Keep in mind that it should be configured as a “private” network. Thus the devices on your network will be able to easily detect each other.

Final Words

Once you are done with your fixing method, you should check whether the method has fixed the issue or not. If one method has not worked, you should try another one of the methods mentioned above. I hope you will finally end up resolving the issue and start printing with your printer. If you have any doubts or queries, you can use the comment section given below.

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