What is a Car Service? Fully Explained!!

What is a Car Service? Fully Explained!!

Regular service of the car is a very important task for a car owner so that it may remain tip top and safe for driving. In this article, we will discuss the topic “What is a Car Service” and all of the important things to know about this. The points covered in this article are as follows:

  • What is a Car Service: Introduction
  • Why should I get my Car serviced?
  • What is included in a Car Service (Interim, Full, Major and Manufacturer Service)
  • How long does a full car service take?
  • How often should I get my car serviced?
  • Where to get my car serviced?
  • How much does a Full Car Service Cost?


So let’s start it….

What is a Car Service: Introduction

A car service is actually a process consisting of various maintenance tasks like checking of some parts, refilling, repairing, replacing of the parts which need to be replaced or repaired in the car. The service is generally executed at a fixed time interval specified by the manufacturer.

A record of the undertaken services is maintained in the service book of the car. Whenever a car owner gets his car serviced, the service provider puts a stamp in the service book as the proof of the service executed. Thus a service record is maintained which adds value to your vehicle by showing that it has been maintained in a good way.

Why should I get my Car serviced?

Some people get confused between MOT and car service. Let me make it clear. MOT is actually a technical inspection of the vehicle which is generally for safety. MOT is executed annually. But it does not mean that if you have recently had an MOT on your car, you don’t have to have it serviced. Because a full car service takes care of the repair of all of the wear and tear of your car which is not done in MOT. Both MOT and Service cannot be substituted by each other. Both are necessary actually. The service of a car can be beneficial in the following way:

  • Service makes the vehicle more fuel efficient which saves your money spent on petrol pumps.
  • Regular service of the car increases its lifespan. So you will not have to buy a new vehicle early.
  • A good service record registered or maintained in your car’s service book helps you in claiming a good selling price of the vehicle, if you are going to sell it. It also helps in claiming a good insurance amount, if you happen to face an accident with your car.
  • Moreover, if you don’t get small wear and tear repaired at an early stage, it will become more costly in future to repair them. Hence regular service proves to be more economical to maintain the vehicle.

What is included in a Car Service?

The same kind of service is not applicable to all types of cars. It varies from company to company and may also vary from model to model of the same manufacturing company.

Each manufacturer provides a service schedule for its cars which is generally enclosed in the manual pack. The service schedule provided by the manufacturers needs to be followed to keep the car in good condition and to maintain the optimum performance level.

There are generally four types or levels of car services (Interim service, full service, major service, and manufacturer service). You have to decide which one is suitable for your car according to your service schedule. All of the four types of car services are explained below:

  1. Interim Car Service

In the Interim Service, oil and filter are changed. Some safety inspections on your car are done. Lubrication of some moving parts is also done. Inspection process covers only parts like lights, horn, brakes, fluid level, exhaust, tires and any leakage of fluid in the vehicle. Interim Service is the basic level of service. In this, a stamp is also put in your service book and service clock of the car will also be reset.

  1. Full Car Service

Everything included in Interim Service is also covered in Full Service but there are 29 more extra points to be taken care of. It includes almost everything mentioned in the service schedule of the car except the replacement of any part. Some typical extra inspections executed during the process are as follows:

  • Top Up of brake fluid
  • More brake checks
  • Inspection of Shock absorber and air conditioning system
  • Inspection of the engine and wheel bearing

The service book is stamped and service cloak of your car is reset in this too.

  1. Major Car Service

Everything included in Full Service is also covered in Major Service. Apart from that, change of spark plug, fuel filter and some other worn out part is also included in the major car service checklist. The service book is stamped and service cloak of your car is reset in this too.

  1. Manufacturer Car Service

Manufacturer Service is the most costly car service. It includes almost everything needed to be done in the maintenance process. Inspection and checking and replacement of all kinds of wear and tear are undertaken. Some typical points covered in this are as follows:

  • Checking and replacement of oil and oil filter
  • Full checking of brakes
  • Checking of power steering and its top up
  • Checking of shock absorbers
  • Checking of the suspension system
  • Checking of brake fluid and its top up
  • Checking of anti-freeze coolant and its top up
  • Checking of windscreen wash and its top up
  • Checking of Lights, Exhaust, Battery and charging system
  • Checking of tire tread and pressure
  • Checking of Windscreen wipers
  • Checking of Wheel alignment

Note:- If you don’t want to pay for any kind of the above-mentioned service plan. You should at least get your car’s oil and filter changed. This is the cheapest level of care for your car. It will also include some general safety checks. But the service book will not be stamped and the service cloak will not be reset too.

How long does a full car service take?

Interim Car Service generally takes 1.5 hours and the full service takes almost double (3 hours) time to be undertaken. But It may vary from garage to garage.

How often should I get my car serviced?

It actually depends on several factors like:

  • Manufacturing company of your car;
  • Model of the car;
  • Age of the vehicle;
  • Whether it is used on broken roads or well-constructed roads;
  • How many miles the vehicle travels annually, etc…

The car’s service manual will also tell when to get it serviced. Some modern cars give a reminder on the dashboard when the next service is due.

Usually, the service is scheduled to be every 12 months or 12000 miles whichever is earlier. But this is not applicable to all types of cars. Check your service schedule for the exact information.

Where to get my car serviced?

If the car is in warranty period, it is the best option to get it serviced by the authorized dealer of the car. It ensures the genuine service and also it is more valuable to get the service book stamped from an authorized dealer. But if you have an old car, not in a warranty period, it may be more expensive to have service from an authorized dealer. In this case, you can get it done at any good garage providing genuine service.

How much does a Full Car Service Cost?

The full car service cost may vary from dealer to dealer and also garage to garage. But the average cost is around £120-£130 for a basic car service. But this does not include replacement of new parts.

So, guys, this was all about the topic “What is a Car Service“. If you have any confusion or doubt, please comment below. I will try my best to assist you.

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