6 Free Tools to Make WordPress Faster to Reduce Website Loading Time

6 Free Tools to Make WordPress Faster to Reduce Website Loading Time

For new bloggers or publishers, it is not affordable to purchase advanced hosting plans like VPS, dedicated server hosting, managed WordPress hosting, etc. They generally use some basic plans like shared hosting etc. In case of such basic hosting plans, the speed of the WordPress website is not much satisfactory. But how amazing it will be if you come to know about some free tools which can make WordPress faster and reduce website loading time even more than 50%. Yes, you heard it right! There are such free tools available. I have tried and tested these tools here on GuideByTips and found incredible results.

I have explained these tools in brief. But before installing and start using these tools, you should check the current speed of your website. And, after installing and setting these tools, you should again check the speed. You will surely be surprised by the change. To check the loading time and other performance parameters of your site, you can use any free service like GTMetrix, pingdom, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, etc.

You don’t need to get confused with any of the technical term used in explaining the following tools. These brief details are just for your knowledge. All you have to do is just to install all of these tools, one by one, on your WordPress blog and then make minor necessary settings to make them work properly for the optimized performance.

List of Tools to Make WordPress Faster and Reduce Website Loading Time

Tool 1: Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a company which works as a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It provides DNS (Domain Name Service) and Internet security service also. As it provides CDN, it will improve WordPress speed. It offers a free plan also. And, in its free plan, you will also have a free SSL for your site along with other services. In the paid plan, there are some advanced features which are not mandatory to use. So, you should use at least its free plan which provides you free SSL as well as services like CDN, DNS and more. It will boost up the performance of your site by reducing loading time. Click here to join Cloudflare.

Tool 2: WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a WordPress plugin which works as a database cleaner. By using it, you can clean up your website database which will help you make WordPress site faster. This plugin will delete all useless data like unapproved/spam/trashed comments. It will also delete trackbacks, pingbacks and expired transient options. It can also optimize insufficient tables in MySQL database and delete useless old revision of your site’s posts and pages. This cleanup process can be performed manually or can also be scheduled to be performed automatically. It is recommended to take a backup of your database before you perform this cleaning operation for the first time. However, there is generally no risk of any unexpected loss of data but still, it will be a safer approach to have a backup. Click here to download WP-Optimize.

WP-Optimize has a free as well as a premium version. However, its free version is enough to optimize your database.

Tool 3: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is also a WordPress plugin which improves website performance by using CDN, making a cache of site’s posts, pages, feeds and other objects in a website. It has many other features which altogether optimize the performance of WordPress. This plugin helps make WordPress faster incredibly. It is widely used and trusted plugin with more than 1 million installations. It is also free to use. Click here to download W3 Total Cache.

Tool 4: Autoptimize

Autoptimize is also a WordPress plugin. By using it, you can optimize CSS, HTML, JavaScript codes in your site. It will also speed up WordPress. It also provides options to optimize images and some other things if you want to use. This plugin is free to use too. Click here to download Autoptimize.

Tool 5: ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is an image compression WordPress plugin which also has a free version. This amazing plugin will compress and optimize your images (JPG, PNG, GIF, and WebP) and pdf files on site. It can optimize the past images on your site as well as the newly uploaded ones. It can also convert PNG into JPG to reduce the size of the image and has many other useful features. Image compression and optimization will reduce website loading time to a large extent and improve the site’s SEO. Click here to download ShortPixel.

Tool 6: GeneratePress Theme

Now, the last but not the least tool in this list is GeneratePress. It is a WordPress theme actually. I have put this tool in the last in my list because you may or may not like to change your existing theme. You may have selected your existing theme after deep research and according to the requirement of your niche. Still no problem at all!! Above 5 tools are enough to make WordPress faster incredibly. But if you are comfortable with switching to GeneratePress theme, you will have an extra boost in the performance. And trust me, you can modify this theme to suit any kind of niche. You will definitely thank me later if you take this decision. It is a lightweight WordPress theme which adds only less than 15kb (gzipped) to your page when installed freshly.

This theme has been designed with a special focus on performance. It will increase the speed of your WordPress site. This theme is compatible with all popular page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc. It is also compatible with all popular plugins including WooCommerce. GeneratePress is a fully responsive theme. It has its free as well as premium versions. You can even go with the free version which will boost up the performance of your site. If you finally decide to switch to GeneratePress theme, I will recommend you to install it before installing other tools mentioned above. Click here to download GeneratePress.

Have you ever tried these tools to make WordPress faster? If yes, how helpful you found them to reduce website loading time? Which other tools do you use to improve WordPress speed? Now it’s your turn to share your experience with such tools. Use the comment section (given below) to share your experience. Do share this post with others also to help them increase WordPress website speed. They will definitely thank you for sharing this great stuff.

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