7 Tips to Convince Customers to Buy Your Product

7 Tips to Convince Customers to Buy Your Product

Convincing a customer to buy a product may be very tough and challenging for them who don’t know the right tactics. Here, I have shared 7 actionable and effective tips on “How to convince customer to buy your product“.

Tip #1: Start the conversation with good wishes

Always start the conversation with good wishes like Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening etc.

For Example:-

  • “Good Morning, Miss Maria”
  • “Good Evening, Mr. Bajaj”

Tip #2: Talk in the language and in the way that the customer understands

Never use highly technical or tough language with which your customer is not comfortable. Always use the language and terms which can be easily understood by your customer. Speak in the way in which your customer is comfortable.

Tip #3: Use the name of the customer while talking to him

While conversing with your customer, use his name to address him. Using name while talking to someone gives a feeling of personalized treatment. Your customer will feel that you are giving some special and friendly treatment to him. It will have a good positive impact on the listener.

For Example:-

  • “Good Morning, Mr. Deepak”
  • “Congratulations, Mr. John!! You have been selected for a big discount on the purchase of this product”.

Tip #4: Praise or give some compliments to the customer during the conversation

If you give some compliment or praise to your customer during your conversation, it will also establish an emotional relation. This approach will also have a positive impact and may help in conversion.

For Example:-

  • “You are one of the best customers of our company”.
  • “You have always been supporting our brands”.

Tip #5: Tell the benefits of the product as compared to competitive products in the market

Describe all of the comparative benefits of your product to other alternative product/products the customer is using, or available in the market. Try to mention the benefits in brief points.

Tip #6: Keep the list of benefits as short as possible

Don’t keep a long list of benefits. Try to keep the list as short as possible because the customer may not have enough time to listen to a long list of points. Only the most important points should be kept in the list. If you waste the time in telling generic benefits which are also available with all of the other alternative competitor products, your customer will miss giving attention to the unique and comparative benefits.

Tip #7: Use numerical values while describing the benefits of the product

Using numerical values while describing the benefits of the product puts a distinct impact on the mind of the customer. It is really an impressive way to highlight how unique and useful your product is. Words with numbers have more impact than pure words.

For Example:-

  • “This pen costs 30% less than the other pens of the same type/quality available in the market. Good quality at a cheaper price!!”
  • “This machine will take only 2 minutes to cut 10 kg onions”.


Conclusion:- These are the most powerful tips to convince customers in sales. So, if you are really serious about convincing your customer, read these tips again by again until you understand them deeply. If you implement these tips, you will definitely see a big positive change in your conversion rate. These tips are useless if you just read them and don’t implement.


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