Cleat Wiring System Fully Explained!!

Cleat Wiring System

Cleat Wiring System is a temporary wiring system. In this system of wiring, wires are taken from one place to the other with the help of Cleats. The cleats are mainly made up of two parts: Upper Cleat and Lower Cleat. There are grooves in cleats for passing wires through them. The lower cleat is … Read moreCleat Wiring System Fully Explained!!

Electrical Wiring Classification-A Must Read Comprehensive Article

Electrical Wiring Classification

Today we will talk about the types of wiring system or Electrical Wiring Classification. The wiring system is a method by which we transport electricity from the electric meter or power supply to various installed appliances via wires. These are some basic factors to be considered while selecting wiring system: Initial Cost Durability Appearance Mechanical … Read moreElectrical Wiring Classification-A Must Read Comprehensive Article