Cleat Wiring System Fully Explained!!

Cleat Wiring System

Cleat Wiring System is a temporary wiring system. In this system of wiring, wires are taken from one place to the other with the help of Cleats. The cleats are mainly made up of two parts: Upper Cleat and Lower Cleat. There are grooves in cleats for passing wires through them. The lower cleat is fitted to the wall surface with the aid of a screw. The wires are passed through the groove in between the cleats and then upper cleat is screwed to the lower cleat.

Generally, Cleats are of two types:-

  1. Cleat with 2-grooves,
  2. Cleat with 3-grooves

While installing this wiring, it should be kept in mind that the distance between two cleats must not be more than 60 cm.

Cleat wiring is an over surface wiring. This wiring is not so good in appearance. In the past, this system of wiring was used in homes but nowadays, their domestic use is over. This is a temporary wiring, thus used wherever we need wiring for a temporary purpose. For example, in marriages, parties, construction sites where there the wiring is not needed for a long time.

Advantages of Cleat Wiring System:

  • Easy Expansion: The wiring can be easily expanded as per the requirement, whenever needed. New wires can be easily added in installation and older wires can be easily dismantled as well.
  • No Need of High-skilled Technician: This is a simple and easy-to-install wiring, so there is no need of high-skilled technician for installation.
  • Low cost: The cost of this type of wiring is low as compared to other types of wiring systems.
  • Easy to Repair: The repairing of Cleat wiring is also very easy as compared to other types of wiring.
  • Good for Temporary Use: Whenever there is a need for wiring for temporary use, cleat wiring system is the best choice.

Disadvantages of Cleat Wiring System:

  • No Protection from Mechanical Shock: In this type of wiring system, the wires are directly exposed to the environment, so there is no protection from mechanical shocks.
  • No Protection from Fire: It is not protected from the fire also.
  • Short-Life: Life of this type of wiring is very short as compared to other types of the wiring system.
  • Bad Appearance: Appearance of this type of wiring is also not good.


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